Wildlife And National Parks In Rajasthan

Pushkar Camel Fair

Every year in the month of Kartik, Pushkar Mela is celebrated. Drawing in 50,000 camels and 200,000 people, this fair is considered as the largest platform to buy and sell camels, cattle and horses - most of the trading, however, is completed in the days leading up to the fair. This carnival gathers camel traders and associates from all the parts of the world. One can witness unusual performances like camel dancing, bump riding, neck shaking and various other things. A huge camel procession is organized on the 1st day followed by various competitions and trading activities. Owners decorate their camels with paints, jewellery, cloths etc. By the end of the day, live dance and music performances are organized to celebrate the culture of Rajasthan. One the last day, fireworks are organized to lighten-up the entire city and illuminate the deserts of Pushkar